Where is the best pizza in New York for eat?

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With permission from Italy, if there is a place known for having a great pizzas that’s New York. It is not difficult to find dozens of pizzerias across the city. The hard part is deciding which one is the best.

Luckily occasionally we can look at the popular rankings to get an idea of the preferences of those who love pizza so you can safely go to a good pizzeria.

This time are users Yelp those who helped choose the best pizzeria in New York. And it’s not what you’re all thinking … because the winner was Rizzo’s Fine Pizza Co, thanks to its 4.5 / 5 points in the popularity ranking.

This pizzeria, founded in 1959, already has three locations: the original in Queens (3013 Steinway St, Astoria), and the other two in Manhattan (17 Clinton St and 1426 Lexington Ave).

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If you urge you to go try on your next trip to NYC, they say the best pizza, or at least the most popular is the “Aumma Aumma”, made ​​of sausages, meatballs, ricotta, mozzarella and tomato. Ligerita not appear.

And as we are, let me tell me which is the best pizzeria I’ve had in New York. Because I was last summer and went like crazy to everyone, and all guides, said they had to visit: Grimaldi’s.

Well, I forgive everyone, but my disappointment with this pizza was huge. It was nowhere near the best I’ve ever had, but the experience itself was bad: plastic plates, hot, long wait to serve pizza, inability to pay by credit card … and torn internal cash. Not to mention the service … we were like cows…

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Luckily I found Mama Sbarro, an Italian restaurant located right next to Times Square, Broadway at 1,606, that this itself was the best pizza I had in all of New York. Next time, I’ll try the suggestion Yelp users…

But since this is highly subjective, and there are tastes for everything, but to me ask you not left … What is the best pizza in New York?

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