Which country people walk faster than the rest?

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There are countries, in general, are stressful, especially if they contain large cities. However, the pace of life is very different countries with each other, and that we notice unconsciously. There are countries, therefore, that give us peace and quiet, and others that give us stress and speed.

But how do you know in advance which is which? How to choose our next destination if, for example, we want to relax without the need to isolate ourselves in a resort or in a lonely place? Robert Levine wanted it to check visiting 31 countries around the world to take three indicators of the pace of life. One of them was the speed at which people walk down the street.

Switzerland, the fastest

After measuring the average speed step selected at random on a stretch of eighteen meters of sidewalk pedestrians, excluding children, people with disabilities and those who were engaged in window shopping, Levine concluded that Switzerland was the country with the rhythm of life fastest in the world, which collides head -on with our image of green meadows and Heidi milking cows.

Second place was Ireland, and then came Germany. Japan was the fourth. Interestingly, eight of the nine fastest cities are in Western Europe. England was the fifth, which not that strange.

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The only country in Western Europe that was not among the fastest ten countries was not Spain, but France (was the eleventh, behind Hong Kong). A result that Levine attributed to a particular climatologically issue: The year, in which the experiment was conducted, France was experiencing one of its warmest summers.

Which is slower?

The three countries with the slowest pace recorded by Levine were Brazil, Indonesia and Mexico. The eight positions of the end of the table are occupied by countries in Africa, Asia, Middle East and Latin America.

If we focus on the United States, the fastest city, narrowly beating New York, is Boston. Los Angeles was the most peaceful city.

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Countries helpful

Knowing the rhythms of country life can not only allow us to predict whether we will become more or less stressful, but if be more helpful and friendly. At least is the hypothesis that maintains Levine, in tune with the studies of sensory overload of Stanley Milgram. Cities with slower pace are more helpful, according to Levine. It abounds Richard Wiseman in his book Quirkology:

People living in cities with a faster pace are likely to be characterized by the so-called personality type A. This set of features puts great emphasis on urgency, competitiveness and overall a great hurry to achieve many things in little time. The Type A tends to talk fast and make up sentences of others before they do. They are often the first table to finish his meal and observed his watch more often than most. Some researchers believe that this way of life subjects the body to a large number of stresses and strains. Levine’s work showed that cities where life is more hasty way with the highest number of smokers and rising rates of heart disease.

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