Which is better option natural vitamins or vitamin supplements?

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It is true that today many highly reluctant to the world of the people there are still “artificial” or supplementation, not only in the case of vitamins, but with many nutritional intake.

The question we ask you today is what are best natural vitamins or vitamin supplements? The question is not so simple and the answer, of course not. Today we explain some exceptional cases.

The importance of vitamins

Vitamins are one of the most important nutrients for the body, since they are responsible for regulating vital functions as essential as the formation of tissues, blood cells, hormone regulation and the nervous system chemical substances.

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That is to say, they are directly responsible for important functions for our body. But the problem is that most of these nutrients cannot be produced by the body itself, hence it is necessary to incorporate external way, usually through food.

Whenever we get adjust the vitamin dose required by our body, either naturally (only with diet) or through proper supplementation, we will be giving our bodies a major part of the nutrients you need, and that is important.

Taking vitamins from the food we eat is ideal, but sometimes it is difficult to reach the doses we need concrete and there are cases where the vitamin supplementation also acquires some degree of importance and we tell you why.

Some specific cases

In the case, for example, of the vitamin K, important for blood clotting and the formation of red blood cells, the option of supplementation is not to be equally favorable than can be achieved through diet, but it will still be more advantageous.

There are cases, such as this one in particular in which the natural choice or herbal vitamin is directly linked with the membrane of the plant and this makes the bioavailability in the case of supplementation is greater.

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Similarly, thanks to the splintering is achieved that many vitamins can be incorporated easily and in the right dose in our daily diet; otherwise, often it would be too costly or even unavailable.

The important thing is to provide the body the vitamins you need, whether they are through diet or an adequate and effective supplementation, always, of course, respecting the preferences of each person.

But neither option is better than the other, i.e. should not be considered “natural = beneficial” and “artificial = harmful” because even in some specific cases you see that vitamin supplementation can be a good ally to facilitate the provision of certain nutrients.

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