Why does women feel more work stress?

work stress
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We will not address any feminist issue but an objective reality: the autonomous and with children, women bear (in general) more stress and pressure than men do.

Anxiety does not distinguish gender, but it is true that as a rule, women must face the reconciliation between professional and personal life. Which entails a lifestyle where the hustle and desire to address various commitments ends up spending bill?

But what is the source of job stress? Why many women can or do not know how to manage the various tasks? Logic tells us that lack of time is the responsible and of course, revenues that do not allow release of several family burdens paying a third party to deal with them.

Stress and anxiety in perspective not have to translate into a problem. On the contrary, serve as an incentive to achieve our objectives and goals every day. The problem comes when levels soar and performance declines and our mental health and physical.

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Tips for keeping stress at bay

1. Positive Attitude

We must develop skills to achieve high mental performance, improve concentration, control of negative emotions, relying on resilience final. To maintain a positive attitude despite the daily difficulties. Sense of humor as a tool to meet the challenges and apply our journey will help us to relativize the problems.

2. Exercise

Do some kinds of exercise will help to relax and release stress that paralyzes us and hurts us personally and professionally? Time is not an excuse. Go walking to and from work is more than enough.

3. Good nutrition

The rush we take meals as something that makes us lose time, without being aware that our body needs ‘fuel’ in the form of healthy foods that allow us to work better in the brain, and reduce both anxiety and stress.

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Although seemingly obvious advice, not only our health is at stake is the main thing but poor management of our emotions, work will become a hell for both women and for those around them.

Anxiety goes hand harmful to those who suffer and for the workplace reactions. Learn to delegate whenever possible and feel better Sticking up for the sake of our health and our environment.

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