Why I did not improve my time career?

Improve time career
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We can spend weeks training hard and there comes a time when we stagnate and no way to improve career times to what may be happening, what solutions are there? It is not always easy to find the problem, but we can analyze several factors.

As main factors, we can analyze various. Types of training we’re doing, lack of sleep, poor diet, possible injury or associated with our age factors not improve race times may be due to one or more of these factors let us analyze them so further.

Are we adequately trained?

Here two things can happen: we are going through training in kilometers or intensity, so about entrenchments. Or we did not do intense workouts that allow us to improve our running speed.

If we spend doing kilometers possibly we enter into a spiral of chronic fatigue that does not allow us to train well, something that frustrates us and we think the solution is to put more cane, with which we fatigue more.

If we keep doing the same, something already discussed, our body will adapt to that kind of training and stagnate. We will have to raise the stimulus train with training as series or slopes.

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Rest is one of the pillars to run well

Both in quantity and in quality, if we want to assimilate training is necessary at night have adequate rest. About 7-9 hours sleep is important, as our dream try not interrupted during the night.


We also have to consider the break after an intense workout or long shoot. After one of these workouts should leave a reasonable time for our body to recover. This will depend on our level, but in general, 24 to 48 hours of rest after “cane” training.

The feed also has

Especially when preparing long distances. It is important to train with full energy deposits, more intense workouts. Like, hydration and good nutrition after training help us recover.

Nor should we neglect the protein intake in the diet of the corridor. And try not missing fruits and vegetables in main dishes. If we have a balanced diet rich in nutrients, the training can make a hundred percent.

That little pain or injury that will not let us train well

We often think that a little pain in the knee, ankle or muscle is not important, but it is preventing train normally. That pain is warning us that we can develop a more serious injury and our performance will be affected.

A pain that does not know rest or calm with visiting the physio can become a chronic pain which prevents us to make certain movements or to train with intensity. It is another factor that our times may be affected.

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With age room for improvement is lost

Running twenty years is not the same as running forty. The margin improvement is not as great time (with exceptions). Normally with age strength is gained, but lost power and speed. Therefore, it is normal to reach a plateau of results when we reach a certain age, especially if you do not plan well to training.

Stagnant race times usually multi-factorial

That is, usually it depends on several of these factors. I would say that the most important factor knows the training plan. The amount and quality of training is essential and it is not always easy to tune them to continue in progression.

Also keep in mind the principle is easy to improve, as they pass the months of training, the narrow margin improvement and reached a plateau difficult to pass, so we must be patient.

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