Why people can never get rid of their selfishness?

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Are you tired of the selfishness of people in their relationship with you? Do you hate to see someone focused on their desires and forget yours? This situation is not unique and most people are like this.

But if you do nothing new and you react learned habit, then you increase the indifference of the other to you and as a result will be increasing conflict and division in the relationship.

Fortunately, there is a natural method that brings greater awareness to others and thus increases their point of view to be more interested in you.

Observe the advantages of being considered

Imagine your child share toys with other children, are not you proud of him or her and you too? When your husband or your wife ask an opinion regarding a decision to make, do not you feel important not to have been forgotten or forgotten?

At work, when one of his colleagues is interested in their problems or your boss asks for your opinion, you are not happy or content to be considered or considered? When a neighbor comes to see him to discuss a subject that could implicate him, do not you find intelligent approach to preserve their relationships in harmony?

And now, can you see if you are aware of the other in their relationships or you see others only in order to know if they can provide you with something?

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What is the reaction learned by habit?

Undoubtedly, the means we used against a person who seeks only his personal interests is accusing him, criticize, judge and above all, treat selfishly.

That does not produce more conflicts and wars in our relationships, Just see how you feel when someone accuses, judges it, how critical is selfish and in order to understand the full breadth of this situation.

And please do not tell me it’s constructive criticism to justify and to achieve their selfish ends.

In fact, that person is, according to you, someone selfish, and it should satisfy his first desires and never made himself well, forget in a relationship in order to be bound to please others and live under the approval or fear of others.

But what is the problem of wanting to satisfy their own desires? What’s wrong with taking the initiative to do well himself?

Is it your intention to not create anything, not contributing anything, offer nothing, and do nothing to make their wishes? If this is the case, then I understand your intention of wanting the other person to do against his will, against your freedom!

How can you feel the joy of creating something for you to choose and live that achievement?

It is that selfishness is rather an unawareness of self and others? Look, that’s the mistake we all do, because we were raised by our predecessors to do something for them. During our childhood, we conditioned the mind through obedience, fear and guilt and total unconsciousness believe that love is to give the other.

As a consequence, we have expectations of others, that our welfare depends on them and so we have the unconscious intention to manipulate it for our desires. And the first reaction is to try learned other selfish to make you feel guilty and thus achieve our ends.

That’s not love, but a distorted version to manipulate, control it in order to get our selfish desires in total unconsciousness.

When we control someone, we get what we want, but when we release someone, he gets what he wants.

We were never taught that freedom of choice is allowing others to not feel obligated, but to have an opportunity to do well, without forgetting their own welfare.

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How do others become aware of their unsatisfied desires?

It is not making accusations, accusing them, giving orders, putting conditions or criticizing them that you will achieve.

If you want the other to know his wishes, it would be smart report them in a clear way and without obligation. And leave it free to choose it or not. It is human nature to love unconditionally and is also yours.

Instead of telling others what to do, why not simply express what you would like and leave the other free to do so?

For example: “I would like to make a trip to the movies with you on Saturday, not an obligation, it is only once if possible for you.”

Just say it once and not several, as this may be perceived as harassment or pressure without freedom.

On the other hand, the most valuable with regard to the realization of our desires media is not in use others, but rather offering others what we want for ourselves. You increase the awareness of the other toward you, when you are first to him.

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