Why run is not enough if you want to lose weight?

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While running can be a great alternative when looking slim and is probably the most used to increase daily calorie expenditure activity, today we tell you why running is not enough if you want to lose weight.

First, running is a complete workout but other activities can also help you lose weight healthily. For example, the weights are of great help to achieve a good percentage of muscle mass and with it, maintaining the high metabolic rate and burn more calories while running and at rest.

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On the other hand, running an hour a day is not enough to lose weight if the day 23 hours remaining feed us badly, we do not move off the couch and neglect our habits completely.

That is, that besides running, not only other physical activities are important to capitalize the race time and to encourage weight loss, but also, it is essential to watch what we eat and rest and other habits of life.

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Running can be a great resource for weight loss, but its practice even daily and in significant proportions, not offset bad habits of life in general, therefore, only running is not enough if we lose weight taking care of the health of the body.

If you are trying to lose weight, you should know that running can help, but alone is not sufficient to achieve the desired objective.

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