Works your whole body using foam roller

Works on your whole body
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There is variety of ways to train our muscles and work different body parts, and one of them is periodically changing sports items we use. So today, we offer you work your entire body using foam roller.

What is the foam roller?

The foam roller is nothing more than a roll of rigid foam often used for rehabilitation or injury prevention. They are of different diameters and lengths as well as smooth or textured and varied colors.

Its use to produce a passive stretching of muscles is very common, as well as in the rehabilitation of various injuries. However, it also supports other uses to train our muscles.

As a roller, it can be used as a support for a functional training of our body, because it provides an unstable surface that prompted the contraction of different muscles to maintain proper position during running exercises.

It is a very useful element to work the middle of the body and very versatile and easy to store at home if we want to use outside the gym.

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Working with foam roller

If we use the foam roller to tone and develop different muscles of the body, it is advisable to use it as a fulcrum, placing our feet on it, back or arms.

Then, we will create an unstable surface to apply muscles of the middle of the body and other specifically. Since no weight, we cannot use as ballast or cargo, therefore, used as a fulcrum.

Specifically we ask these movements especially muscles abdominal and lower back, and can work from the rectus abdominis and obliques to deep musculature as the transversus abdominis.

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This exercise primarily works the back and abdominal muscles and develops balance and coordination. It is a functional high-intensity movement, ideal for those who have been working your body in the gym.

With this movement to place the body in position “V” inverted and work instability, not only we ask the effort of deep belly but also, glutes and hamstrings and lower back and shoulders lesser extent.

A lot of concentration to perform these movements that undoubtedly required can diversify your training and strengthen your whole body using only one foam roller.

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