You do not have enough backup? How to backup anti-disaster

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I may have done the question: OK, I have all my important data saved on a backup within a hard drive that I keep near my computer. But what if for some reason if there is a fire? Or thieves come home? Lose all the original data and the disk with the copy, so to have that backup would be useless.

No, it’s not being paranoid: is to be realistic. If we need to ensure the integrity of personal and / or important data, must take into account factors beyond making a simple copy of the data on an external drive or on an adjacent computer. It also does not obsess, but let’s look at what we can do as extra measures.

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Yes, it is appropriate to have two (or even three) copies

The first and easiest is to have that same disk backup, but simply move it to another site outside our house. It can be for example our workplace, or the home of a relative. In fact it is best to have a local copy in our home and this other copy away from our main computer. So, if something happens to where the computer is, we can always turn to that copy away as an emergency measure.

  • This backup can be completely manually, where would stick would copy and computer files to the hard disk following the personal criteria of the user; or automated using useful tools such as Clonezilla or Carbon Copy Cloner, able to make an exact copy of any disk you have. Yes, even you have a bootable operating system installed. Let’s not forget either native tool present in certain systems, such as Time Machine in OS X.
  • Consider also the remote copies for convenience: programs like TeamViewer or coextensive Chrome Remote Desktop can help us to prepare a good remote control system to manage and retrieve important files without having to physically move in case of emergency. Let us also remember that we can even remotely control those computers from your smartphone.

No, the cloud is not a copy, but is a nice extra

It is tempting to view the file storage services in the cloud as places to do backups, but let us realize: we never know when those services can fall or be victims of a cyber attack. In fact, it is likely that you cannot store copies in the cloud if treated confidential work data for legal reasons.

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Therefore, the maximum to keep in mind is that we can never rely on a service like Dropbox, iCloud or Google Drive to recover our data. Still, as a tool for easy access to those files that do backups, they can be used perfectly. That cloud may be even our directory daily use of these files (if personal), but always a current backup on a computer or local disk having available.

It may seem excessive, but if we are talking about important data, those that cannot be missed under any circumstances by professional importance or sentimental value, an ideal situation may be to have two local backup (one in the same place as the and a second computer elsewhere), plus the help of a copy in a file storage service.

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