You have freelance profile?

Freelance profile
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Being a freelancer is an option that more and more workers are taken into account as an option, since it is an alternative for most companies choose to recruit staff.

While it is an option, bound with a company having all the disadvantages of self-employment and declines the benefits of paid employment, it is not a good deal.

However, for those who consider freelance work is the one that best fits your personal situation and professional development should reflect on whether it is really prepared paraphrase.

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You have freelance profile?


In the sense of being a methodical person, both times, and discipline. If you’re not, you’ll spend serious difficulties because you will become “man for everything” and not have the support of anyone to help you get organized.


You’ll be the face of your business and directly responsible to your customers, if you are lax and careless person will end up taking their toll.


Although it may seem incredible if there are people who do not have the discipline of a boss or superior are unable to organize and get going, if you’re one of them, or you plan to be freelance.

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You can start without contacts, but until you get a professional network that will tell you if you have time and resources to overcome that “crossing the desert” fail.

You must be clear that the danger to be alone and no one will be at your side to motivate you, or are you or anyone, if you are not willing to assume, freelance work is not your choice.

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