Working from home? 8 ideas for decorating your workspace

Decorate your home as office
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Working from home is becoming more and more common, here are some ideas to help you create an environment conducive to creativity and productivity space.

Working at home offers multiple amenities. It saves you travel time, allows you to manage your own time, you can afford to take a little nap after lunch and secure eat healthier than when you’re on the outside, however, also you have challenges that you must overcome, such as example, learn to separate your spaces following the premise ‘a place for everything’ and keep your desktop clutter and create a work environment where your creativity and energy flow.

The secret lies in the structure that you give to your spaces and to a large extent, the same decoration, because believe it or not, each of the objects that are part of your workspace help create an energy field which may be favorable or unfavorable to the productivity, concentration and efficiency.

Follow these tips to make your home a welcoming place to work…

Choose an area

When you wander through your house with the computer in the hands and in a moment, you are in bed and another in the kitchen, you are occupying spaces that are designed for other tasks such as sleeping or cooking, so that, or eventually you run deep asleep, or the smell of food ends up distracting.

No matter how small, choose a unique space in your home to work, because the feeling of spaciousness how will you distribute your furniture.  If the space is small, we recommend using floating desks or shelves in wall to optimize it.

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Work in daylight

If possible, your workplace located near a window to let in natural light, if the place is dark or working mostly at night installs a ceiling lamp and put another lamp on your desktop to have enough light, which will prevent you drop easily. Do not forget to put some small plants that harmonize your space.

Define a style

Minimalist, vintage or rustic, your workspace should have an identity and be balanced; otherwise, you will be outside in your own space because what you get is a mixture of styles that do not talk about your personality.

Decorate with items that will bring positive memories

Postcards of your last trip, furniture you inherited from your grandmother, a framed inspirational phrase, some books related to your job, you painted a board yourself; all these things will give life to your space and fill you with good energy. Use paint to make your chalk or marker, installed a cork to put your reminders and ensures that every object on your desk tell a story.

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You know aromatherapy

Smells stimulate mental activity and creativity. According to aromatherapy, citrus aromas help memory and good spirits, peppermint for energy and rosemary and jasmine for positivism and fatigue.  The most recommended are natural oils or scented candles that give off a less strong than that of ordinary air fresheners smell.

Invest in your furniture

As we invest in our closet, we must invest in our study or workplace. If you stick all the time on your knees with your desktop, then you had better think of another option if you want to preserve the health of your back, an ergonomic chair is ideal. However, do not worry, you do not have to sacrifice aesthetics, there are many options to choose furniture.

Look at the painting

White does not fail in these cases. It gives you light and makes your place look clean and sober, but for the most colorful, there are other options that do not alter the tranquility of space as blue or green. What instead should avoid is the prevalence of strong colors like black or very bright colors that generate noise in space.

Hides and organizes cables

The first thing to do to have a tidy space is to hide the cables; you can do it through conduit or roll them well with small rubbers. The important thing is to keep them in sight as they give the feeling of clutter. You can also get boxes wire, wicker or plastic in bright colors to store documents, books and everything you need.

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