Zika Virus: How to reduce the risk of infection in our travels

Zika Virus
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Surely you’ve heard of Zika, a new virus that is spreading rapidly and has alerted healthcare organizations worldwide.

The Zika virus has already been found in 20 countries in Latin America and is caused by the bite of a mosquito. In humans causes fever, rash, joint pain, conjunctivitis … A new virus that forces us to take precautions if we are to travel.

For the moment, the possibility of contagion in European countries is very low, since weather conditions prevent mosquito survival of the virus.

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When other precautions should be taken it is whether we will travel to the countries where they have already been cases of Zika, especially viruses Brazil.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has issued recommendations to reduce the risk of infection if you travel to those areas. We list them.

  1. Cover exposed skin with long sleeves and pants, and hats.
  2. Use repellent with at least 35-45% DEET (not recommended in the case of children under 3 months).
  3. Sleep in air-conditioned accommodations (the mosquito avoids the cold weather). Failing that, sleep
  4. Pregnant women, passengers with immune disorders or severe chronic illnesses or people traveling with children should consult before traveling on International Vaccine Centre.

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